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Need Working Capital? Download Factoring Guide

Get answers to top 10 factoring questions including cost, process, and closing time.

A guide from Gibraltar Business Capital, a leading commercial finance company focused on factoring and asset-based lending, is a how-to for businesses looking for ways to access working capital by factoring, a.k.a. invoice financing or accounts-receivable financing. The guide, Factoring Fundamentals: Access Working Capital Via Invoice Financing, will help businesses:
  • Understand the fundamentals of factoring
  • Discover Gibraltar’s transparent and unique approach to factoring
  • Get answers to the top 10 questions related to factoring including cost, process, and closing time
The newly published guide fully defines the fundamentals of factoring, outlines Gibraltar’s unique approach to factoring, and answers some of the most salient questions newcomers to the financing tool might have. Download the guide to learn more.