Yours Free Today:
Breaking Cultural Barriers to Ensure Patient Safety: Localization 101

What can Life Sciences companies do to make the translation and localization process more efficient and transparent?

For many Life Sciences companies, translating and localizing content is a required inconvenience that results in significant costs and time-to-market implications. Additionally, the translation and localization process is often considered a “black box,” where the translation process remains a mystery.

During this webinar, AMPLEXOR’s Kathleen O’Brien will:

  • Provide an overview of fundamental concepts for translations and localization
  • Unveil insights into the translation supplier processes for Life Sciences companies
  • Identify the nuances of culture barriers, and how to better manage the technicalities of translations

After viewing this Webinar, you will walk away with effective localization strategies that can be implemented to reduce costs and accelerate timelines.