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Optimizing Medical Device Development with Full Regulatory Compliance

This paper explores how medical device manufacturers, which are highly regulated and whose customers' lives depend on quality, must think beyond the limitations of point solutions for quality management solutions (QMS) and design management.

When developing highly complex and regulated product with an increasingly global workforce and widespread network of contractors and suppliers, quality is often sacrificed in the name of profitability, or time to market – sometimes with disastrous results. There is a need to eliminate organizational boundaries in order to accelerate the release of new products to market. Unfortunately, companies often address product quality too late, using disjointed processes and technologies with inadequate cross-functional communication.

Integrating a quality lifecycle management solution within an enterprise business platform provides a formalized, systematic approach for managing all aspects of product quality, reliability, and risk. It’s time to rethink your product development approach and look for a business platform that supports the full total product lifecycle from ideation through manufacturing and post-market and shares quality information across the enterprise.