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How to Effectively Coach New Teachers

First-year teacher coaching is essential to long-term success as more classrooms in the United States are being led by new teachers.

Although “year one” is the new educator’s first time delivering instruction, it’s also most likely the student’s only year to master the content. Early success is critical because the faster new teachers master their technique, the more quickly students can learn and develop their own skills.

Our nation is currently experiencing an overall “greening” of its teaching workforce as more teachers have fewer years of experience than ever before. This is why education expert Paul Bambrick-Santoyo believes we need to shift focus from teacher evaluation to coaching—putting less emphasis on what teachers did yesterday and more effort into making sure they succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future.

In fact, when schools and districts invest in meaningful leadership and support for their first-year educators, these new teachers are significantly more likely to remain in the profession.

Learn the principles Bambrick-Santoyo says are key to successful teacher coaching.