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Online Cognitive Brain Training Associated With Measurable Improvements in Cognition and Emotional Well-Being

Learn how brain training is beneficial for both cognition and emotional well-being in this study by MyBrainSolutions.

Download this study to learn how experts evaluated the benefits of brain training within each core domain of thinking, emotion, feeling, and self-regulation and within a naturalistic use of a brain training program designed to target these skill areas.

By employing a validated online assessment battery of cognitive and emotional function to assess the level of capacity within these domains, both before and after several weeks of training with games specifically designed to improve these same capacities, they evaluated both the direct benefit of training games on capacities within each domain (e.g., thinking games on thinking skills) as well as the extent to which this integrated approach to brain training provides additional indirect benefits of training in one domain on capacities in a different domain (e.g., emotion games on thinking skills).