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The Evolution of the Modern Law Department

Get crucial insights into how your peers feel about changes in technology and the prospects they provide.

From innovative business processes to shifts in technology, leaders in legal operations are the new voice of the corporate client. Offering a cross-disciplinary perspective, they are the vanguard of a new generation that embraces technology, processes, and performance metrics to optimize success.

For a deep dive into the present and future of industry-wide legal departments, read the results of a follow-up to a 2015 survey that tracks the trajectory of key trends and studies on emerging areas of interest, including artificial intelligence and the rising influence of enterprise content management. The results also reveal a tipping point for the use of the cloud and material interest in the application of AI, among other details.

This exclusive report characterizes the shifts taking place and offers benchmarking opportunities for the legal community at large, covering many topics that include:

  • Budgets
  • Regulations and Investigations
  • Metrics, Legal Operations, and Measuring Discovery
  • Security Concerns
  • And Much More…