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Responsible Spill Remediation in the Food & Beverage Industry

Cleaning Spills to NSF & OMRI Standards While Remaining Environmentally & Fiscally Sound

There are two major areas in which food & beverage product handling will take place: processing and distribution. As with all product handling scenarios, spills are an inevitable occurrence within both of these spaces.

In the presence of products produced for human consumption, the methods for spill remediation should become subject to more stringent review, to eliminate the possibility of contamination. The potential contamination scenarios vary greatly between the processing and distribution spaces. The risk of direct contact with the food and beverage products are much higher in the production spaces than within the distribution spaces, where food is already enclosed and packaged for shipment. Varying levels of risk aside, the mitigation of potential contamination scenarios remains a priority in both realms. There are several prominent spill remediation tactics currently being used within the food and beverage industry.