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Edge to Endpoint: Adding DNS Global Load Balancing to a Federated Traffic Management Strategy

Today's network edge is taking on a critical role in connecting users to the digital content and web services that they need to reach. This is driving a new approach to load balancing, one that now starts at the edge. Download this eBook and learn how making the right traffic steering and load balancing decisions in a hybrid cloud infrastructure can accelerate end-user application performance and increase uptime.

It answers the question: When do certain load balancing and traffic management policies belong at the user edge and not at your local load balancer? And how is that decision made?

It also details why adding DNS-based global load balancing to your local load balancing capabilities in a federated load balancing system yields key benefits including:
  • A more complete view of internet “best path” connections between users and endpoints
  • Increased global reach, resiliency and performance
  • Better control over the user journey, end to end
  • Availability of critical assets seen from multiple locations simultaneously - before traffic is directed to a site